About Us

City Church of East Nashville began as a word-of-mouth vision study that met during the winter and spring of 2004. With the above understanding of the gospel, we began to envision how a new Christian community in East Nashville could look if we simply tried to live out these realities together.

A small group of people committed to help do the legwork (and arm, head and heart work) needed to start a public worship gathering. Simultaneously, we began meeting in smaller groups in houses during the week to work out what it meant to live by faith together. In September of 2004, City Church of East Nashville held our first public worship celebration.

As time passed and our body of believers grew in depth and breadth, three core values emerged as the tenets we hold above all else. These are the underlying values that shape everything we do and everything we are. 

Gospel-Driven: God has intervened in our world to restore all things to their rightful order through the power of the gospel, that is the teaching and historical reality of the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus of Nazareth. The righting of the relationships between God and humanity, humanity and humanity, and humanity and creation comes from God through Jesus Christ. Therefore, the person and work of Jesus Christ fuels all our relationships and ministries. 


Prayer-Dependent: The gospel secures our access to God so we can enjoy communion with Him. We believe prayer is that communion and is our first and continual resort – rather than our last! God’s Spirit leads us into praise, repentance, thanksgiving and requests. We pray for God's kingdom to come and for his will to be done in our neighborhood and in the city of Nashville. We are committed to and dependent upon bold, specific, concerted and continual prayer.


Parish-Directed: The gospel creates a new community and culture of transformed lives connected by geographic and relational proximity. God values and loves uniting diversity within his family more than we ever will. We believe we are in East Nashville to promote the beauty, prosperity, justice and overall well-being of our neighborhood and, through that, the city of Nashville as a whole. We are committed to giving sacrificially of ourselves and our resources for the sake of our neighborhood and our city.

City Church of East Nashville is part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). For more information on the PCA visit http://pcanet.org/about.