Elder Process

We are excited to announce the opening of nominations for Elders of City Church, and will be accepting nominations until March 20, 2016. Please review the resources below to better understand the process, qualifications, and responsibilies of an elder:

Elder Nomination Information - Summary of the nomination process, as well as the responsibilities and characteristics of an elder

Community and Church Profile - addresses the ministry heart and vision of City Church that an Elder at City Church would be embracing, supporting and promoting

(Potential Nominees can click here for specific resources)

Elder Nomination, Training, and Approval Process

February 7, 2016:  Nomination period opens (online and print resources are available)

March 20, 2016:  Nomination period closes; Session begins interviews with each nominee before formal commitment to training

By April 10, 2016:  Congregational announcement of nominees and invitation for specific prayer during training

TBD:  Training period, including topics of calling, character, convictions, church government, training in service, and philosophy of ministry; Length will vary depending on number of nominees and the time required to complete the training elements

TBD:  Training period closes with written exams and interviews with the Session

TBD:  Announcement of congregational meeting, including a list of each elder candidate to be individually approved (30 days in advance)

TBD:  Congregational meeting to vote on approving each elder candidate; Afterward the results will be communicated with each candidate by the Session to affirm calling

TBD:  Announcement of new elders and details about ordination and installation service