What can you expect at a City Church worship gathering?

Biblical Worship – We believe that the Bible is the word of God to mankind and tells us how to glorify and enjoy God.

Spirit-Led Worship – God’s Spirit guides us through His word and ministers to and through us as we gather.

Christ-Centered Worship – The Bible reveals that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of God’s design for mankind. It is in, through, and by Jesus Christ that individual and cosmic restoration and freedom occurs. Jesus is central, therefore, to all our worship.

Historical Worship – We are a small part of a large story that encompasses all of history – the worship of the true and living God. We hold to the core convictions and teachings of historical Christianity.

Reformed Worship – We believe that the core biblical teaching of the gospel was “rediscovered,” to a large degree, during the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth-century. The emerging worship shapes the way we engage in Christian worship contemporarily.

Contextual Worship – We believe that being in East Nashville matters. Our engagement with God reflects the cultural context of East Nashville. Because of this we expect and appreciate those who do not believe as we do to be present in Christian worship.

Participatory and Expressive Worship – God calls His people to worship Him with all we are and with all we have and in all we do. We believe the Spirit of God leads us in singing, Bible reading, preaching, prayers, confession, forgiveness, the Lord’s Supper, baptisms. We gather not to be entertained but to enter in to ascribing worth to Jesus.

City Church of East Nashville seeks to engage with God by treasuring Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit in Christ-centered, gospel-focused, kingdom-experiencing worship.