Youth and Family Ministry

PURPOSE:  The purpose of our ministry to youth and families is to instruct and encourage our youth in their Christian faith and to assist parents in nurturing their middle and high schoolers to glorify and enjoy God forever. Our ministry to youth and families seeks to engage the head, heart, and hands with the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ.
WHAT WE DO:  Our ministry to Middle School and High School students takes place in both unstructured fellowship and structured time of study and instruction (for information about children see our "Children's Ministry" page). Below are our scheduled times of fellowship and study for the 2018-2019 school year :

WHAT IS THE LONG-TERM PLAN FOR THE STUDENTS IN THIS MINISTRY? In other words, how does what these students are learning right now fit in with what they learned two years ago or will be learning in 6 months or 5 years? To answer that question, what we have done is created an 8-year rotation of classes/studies to show what a 5th grader will learn in his or her 8 years with the Youth Ministry. This way, the parents of an elementary student can know (with some flexibility) what their child will learn in their 5th grade year, 10th grade year, etc. And the parents of a student already in these classes, can know what they will be learning in the coming years. This is our attempt to make our ministry to students and families well thought-out and clear.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Mitchell Carter, our Pastor of Families, Youth, and Children (